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Reflective Tapes

O’Sullivan Safety Supplies offer a range of Reflective Tapes – The risk of an accident between a truck and a car is 30 times greater when a truck does not have high visibility vehicle markings. A truck with outline reflective markings is recognised earlier than an unmarked truck because they help to define the total size of the truck to other road users. This gives other drivers more time to manoeuvre safely in traffic.

Our Reflective Tapes are Suitable for Trucks, Trailers, Emergency Vehicles, Buses, Mining Vehicles and Trains.
– Ensuring maximum reflectivity and superior daytime visibility.
– Stylus  vehicle marking tapes have been independently tested and comply to ECE104, AS/NZS 1906.1 and Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005 (Appendix A – UNECE R48/03).
– Delivers outstanding vehicle visibility, alerting more road users faster and earlier.
– Strong and durable for easy application to flat, rigid or smooth surfaces.
– Tape edges are pre-sealed to prevent dirt and water penetration.

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